As a Drone Operator authorized by the State Air Safety Agency  (TO THAT),  VISTER is a business initiative carried out by two young professionals and enthusiasts of the new  technologies  and the airline industry.


In particular, the essence of VISTER lies in the application of drones as new  technology and its development. Currently the services we perform are related to the audiovisual world.  


The aviation sector is another of the fields where VISTER is taking an influence creating aerial experiences for aviation lovers and for those who want to experience something different.  

Our  present and future objective  is to give the best customer service, making a difference in front of the competition with our attention  completely personalized and offer the best quality in all products.  

At VISTER we look forward, that's why we work on R&D  to find  new products and services related to  drone technology and thus support  in various sectors  to increase its efficiency.   


Commercial Pilot / Drone Pilot

I am a commercial pilot and pilot of  drones.  Me  function  principal  it is  the  VISTER business development looking for new areas of influence.


I am an engineer and entrepreneur . On  VISTER ensured that the initiative has the latest in new technologies.