As a Drone Operator authorized by the State Air Safety Agency  (AESA), VISTER is a business initiative carried out by two young professionals and enthusiasts of new technologies and the airline sector.


In particular, the essence of VISTER lies in the application of drones as new technology and its development. Currently the services we perform are related to the audiovisual world.  


The aviation sector is another of the fields where VISTER is taking an influence creating aerial experiences for aviation lovers and for those who want to experience something different.  

Our present and future objective is to provide the best customer service, making a difference to the competition with our completely personalized attention and offering the best quality in all products.  

At VISTER we look forward, that's why we work on R&D  to find new products and services related to RPAS technology and thus, provide support in various sectors to increase their efficiency.  


Research and Development


What we know as "RPAS" or "Drone" is nothing more than different ways of calling, to a large extent, unmanned and remotely controlled aircraft.

Although the word "drone" has gained strength among society to refer to these flying devices, in its technical part it is intended to a greater extent to refer to devices for military use. 

On the contrary, an RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) is intended to refer to unmanned flying devices of a civil nature.  


RPAS have been around for many years, it is called model aircraft. The aircraft are shaped like an airplane and are also operated by remote control.  

Technological evolution has led to a new creation of aircraft of which we can find a multitude of varieties with a multitude of functions.  

At VISTER we are passionate about this new technology and we want to continue investigating new forms of application in the world of industry. Applications that facilitate complex tasks to increase efficiency and productivity. In addition, to help our planet, we are committed to sustainable resources and renewable energy.

Robotics as a whole is a fact of the future .  

VISTER project



At VISTER we have programs  growth and expansion so that our work and effort pay off  and  We want all those professionals who share our principles  can be part of it and thus grow together.  

We encourage any RPAS pilot, engineer, programming technician, air law expert,  etc to join us and be part of our plan for the future.   

Send us your CV and we will contact you. There will be a lot to talk about!

You decide what future you want, we make it come true.